pianist and musicologist

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    13th of July 2023
Siena Accademia Chigiana,
with Nicola Sani
13th of July, 2022
Siena Accademia Chigiana,
with Antonio Caggiano, Marianne Lewandowsky and Maria Claudia Massari
   13th of July 2022
    26th of July, 2021
Alessandria Palazzo Cuttica,
with Gianni Coscia and Graça Reis  
31st of October, 2019
Italian Embassy, Abidjan (Ivory Coast)
    1st of September, 2019
Arona Music Accademy,
Arona with the composer Federico Gozzelino  
24th of August, 2019
Pula (Sardinia)
Black Lands: A Tribute to Africa,
with Andrea Morelli (saxophone and flute)
    28th of July, 2019
Accademia Chigiana, Siena De Rerum Natura"
with Antonio Caggiano and
Maria Claudia Massari  
18th of November, 2018 
Nuova Consonanza piano solo recital
"Suoni e profumi dall'Africa"
Museo Macro, Roma 
    31st of July, 2018
Accademia Chigiana, Siena
with Antonio Caggiano and Maria Claudia Massari 
with Andrea Morelli (2018)
(photo Vanni Boni)
    with the composer Federico Gozzelino (2017)
(photo Pier Gianni Agoglio)  
with Omero Antonutti (2017)     
    18th of September, 2016
with Aline Frazão,
Villasimius, Sardinia
(photo Vanni Boni) 
12th of May, 2016
with Marzia Grasso recording Gozzelino's CD
in Play studios 
    December 2015
Zanzibar, DCMA,
with dr. Mitchel Strumpf and Emeka Akaezuma
May 2016
concert in Goethe Institut
Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania)

with S.E. Luigi Scotto (Italian Ambassador)
and my Indian friend Chetna Soochak
    with Saba Anglana (2015)
14th of September, 2014
with Gianni Coscia
    6th of May, 2014
with Girma Yifrashewa,
Addis Abeba  
5th of August, 2013
with Lu Dlamini and Jurgen Brauninger
Durban (South Africa)
    1st of August, 2013
with Gerrit Jordaan
Potchefstroom (South Africa)  
28th of July, 2013
with the composer Stefan Grové and his son
Pretoria (South Africa)
    3rd of March, 2013
with the pianist Rebeca Omodia
4th of February, 2013
with the composer Helmuth Flammer
Tolstefanz (Germany)
    9th of October, 2011
Grupo de Musica Contemporanea de Lisboa
Acqui Terme
festival FICCFLO
Lomé (2011)
    with the Ghanaian composer
Fred Onovwerosuoke

St. Louis (2009) 
with the Ghanaian pianist
William Chapman Nyaho
St. Louis (2009) 
    with the composer Jack Fortner
and his wife Christina Motta
Fresno (2007)
with the composer Aldo Clementi
and Gianluigi Mattietti (2005)
    workshop in Goethe Institut,
Salvador Bahia (2004)  
concert in Spain
with Ensemble Assisi Musiche (2003) 
  with the composer Horst Lohse
with (from left) Reinhard Wolshina, Mieko Kanno, Horst Lohse, Francis Miroglio
Weimar 2000 
     with Massimo Paderni
a party 
in Portugal where I lived from 1992 until 1995  


    with (from left) Francisco Serrano,
Gualtiero Dazzi and Aldo Brizzi
Strasbourg (1995)
 Bologna University, 1991
my Master Degree in Musicology

(Aldo Clementi)
    Bucarest, 7th May 1991
Concert in Atheneum Theater
with the violist Stefan Gheorghiu 
Darmstadt, summer 1990
Ferienkurse für neue Musik
with Pierre-Yves Artaud, Aldo Brizzi,
Horatiu Radulescu,
Carin Levine, Nicholas Isherwood
    with Roberto Szidon
Sion, Suisse (1986) 
6 months old